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Bartender Service Rates

Bartender                                                                                                    $40.00 /hour

 4 hour minimum / 5 hour minimum Saturdays               

*Includes set up & cleanup


Bar Back (helper)                                                                                      $30.00 / hour

4 hour minimum / 5 hour minimum Saturdays                                                           

Suggested for parties over 50 or more people


Host or Hostess                                                                                         $40.00 / hour

4 hour minimum / 5 hour minimum Saturdays                                                            

Setup / serve food / wash dishes / cleanup


Mixer / Setups for full bar                                                                              $5.00 / pp

Includes: Juice, club soda, tonic, soda, bottled water,                                     

Bloody Mary mix, sour mix, ice, garnishes, beverage napkins

 stirrers, margarita mix, daiquiri mix, and any non-alcoholic

products requested by the client.


Mixer / Setups for wine and beer bar                                                           $4.00 / pp

Includes: Juice, soda, ice, bottled water and beverage napkins                                      


Liquor Pickup & Delivery                                                                                     $60.00

Pickup from liquor store / deliver to event / return unused products.               

(Please note all liquor must be pre-paid prior to pickup and delivery)


Delivery Charge (on any other products ordered for event)                                $25.00

Please note any delivery 15 miles outside of event is subject to additional charge.